Clean Air Strategy 2019 By the Department of Environment - Food & Rural Affairs

Our observations

Section 6 is concerned with raising awareness of the impact to air pollution we make due to activities in and around the home. The government is striving to minimise the effect of pollution in our atmosphere is having on humans.
Particulate Matter (PM) produced by cooking and home heating, especially from combustion of open fires and stoves. And this is a great cause for concern. Also, Sulphur Dioxide (SO2) which is emitted by coal burned in open fires.

Given that often the levels of air pollution inside a home can be greater than that outside, the government is trying to raise awareness of the potential impacts and helping consumers understand how to take practical steps to reduce their exposure. One study found that we can spend as much as 90% of our time indoors.

We support their efforts and indeed promote the use of heating appliance that embraces the best in clean burning heaters and stoves.

It is crucial that the appliance is maintained and used correctly. Notably the fuels used make a huge difference to the amount of pollution created. Some new appliances are remarkably efficient compared to an old open fire or stove. Ensuring that chimneys are swept regularly will make a massive difference to the amount of pollution emitted. We take pride in that we have competent engineers to install the latest appliances and offer regular servicing including chimney sweeping.

We have been asked by many clients “are the government is going to ban domestic stoves in the future?” and we feel not! There is no mention of this in the strategy at all. And in any case it is not the appliances themselves so much as the way people use them and maintain them that is the major concern.

We can advise on all aspects of solid fuel heaters and stoves and can supply and fit a wide range. We also offer affordable maintenance plans to ensure your appliance is running as economical and efficiently as possible.

So that is all good news really, and let’s face it there is nothing nicer than coming home to a real fire!

You can view the Clean Air Strategy on the government website here...